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So, it seems like your primary goal is to lose body fat with a secondary goal of gaining lean muscle.

- Generally it's recommended to do cardio after a workout. The reason is that you'll use up a good amount of your glycogen storages(your body converts carbohydrates into glycogen and stores them in your muscles for energy) during your workout, then when you go to do cardio, your body will realize that it's out of glycogen storages and will go to it's next energy source, namely body fat. This will result in fat loss. A secondary reason, which I don't have data to back up but just personal experience, is that when I do cardio before my workout, I feel like the lower glycogen levels really lowers my energy levels and I'm unable to have as intense of a workout as I'd like.

- They can be done on both days. Just balance your time as well as you can. Some days I don't do any cardio, some days I get a lot in. I'd lean more towards getting the weights in as the more lean muscle you build, the faster your metabolism will get, and in the long run, that will result in more fat loss while your not in the gym.

-I'd recommend the sugars only immediately after your workout session. Insulin spikes improve protein synthesis which is key for recovery and growth. After cardio only days, your best bet is probably a low glycemic carb meal like oatmeal/quinoa/brown rice and some lean protein.

-Personal preference is usually fine here. I'm a bigger guy and personally the elliptical, walking on a treadmill, or stair master work well for me. No knee pains or joint trouble there.

-Totally up to you. I happen to enjoy it in the gym so I usually spend up to 2 hours or more. My workouts usually go 90 min.

Bulking till April.

Goals Get up to 240 by April
Cut to ~10%BF by july
Dont get hurt
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