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Great leg workout today, although my workout partner's schedule didn't quite match up with mine, so I had to go it alone.

Front Squats - 5 sets (15/12/10/8/6). Go heavy and deep. Your hip crease needs to drop below your knees. I used a belt on the last two sets.

Leg Press superset with Seated Calf Raises - 6 sets (15/12/10/10/8/8 and 25/25/25/25/25/25). Go as heavy as you can on the leg press, add weight each set. Keep the weight the same for the Seated Calf Raises.

Leg Extensions - 5 sets (15/12/10/10/10). Increase the weight on each set, perform a triple drop set on the last set of 5, keep the reps the same for each drop.

Lying Leg Curl - 5 sets (15/12/10/10/10). Use the same method as you did for the Leg Extensions, including the triple drop at the end.

Leg Press Calf Raises - 4 sets (50/50/50/50). Keep the weight the same and rep it out. Focus on the reps, though, don't bounce!

Leg Extension Burnouts - 1 octouple drop set (6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20). Select a weight you can do about 10 times, but only perform 6 reps. Drop the weight by one plate and add 2 reps. Do this for each round until you have extremely light weight for 20 reps. It will hurt and is my favorite way to finish a leg workout.
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