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Back and Bicep supersets today.

Incline Bench Reverse Dumbbell Flyes superset with Incline Bench Prone Curls - 4 sets (15/12/10/8 for both). Lay chest down on an incline bench and perform the Reverse Flyes. Without changing position, allow your arms to hang down in front of you and perform Curls with the same weight. Increase the weight each set.

Medium Grip Lat Pulldown superset with One Arm Dumbbell Concentration Curls - 4 sets (15/12/10/8 and 12/12/12/12). Keep the weight the same for the Curls, but increase the weight on the Lat Pulldowns each set.

Neutral Grip Wide Seated Cable Rows superset with Cambered Bar Curls 3-ways - 6 sets (10/10/10/10/10/10 for both). For the Cambered Bar Curls, your first three sets are wide, medium and close then repeat again for the last three sets. Keep the weight the same for all sets.

Pull-ups - 8 sets (8/8/8/8/8/8/8/8). 8 sets of 8 strict pull-ups using full range of motion.

Felt pretty good!
Joe "Yu Yevon" King

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