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High 5 to the 36 year olds!!

I did a program last year with Skip La Cour and probably the best thing I learned from him, was too many people don't actually KNOW their maintenance level because they've never given it a proper chance to be determined.

Try this:

Go to 3000 cals and stay there for 2 solid weeks and see what your body is doing with it.
As long as you're eating clean, you shouldn't gain any fat and for me, I was actually able to add more calories for several weeks while dropping bodyfat.

It reminds me of one cut I did several years ago. I had stalled big time and was deciding to give up on it. I added 1000 cals a day figuring I was going to go back to maintenance and I started dropping weight like crazy!

I too have issues with my joints. I find a Glucosamine/Chondroiten/MSM combo twice a day and Fish Oil 3 times a day help me immensely. So much so that my shoulders hardly ever bother me anymore (and I was ready to go in for surgery 2 years ago)
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