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Default I'm older, now how do I diet

I haven't posted here for probably 8 years. I learned a lot of information here and I used it to lose all my weight but now I'm turning 36 and the game is changing. I'm having big issues eating clean, my hunger pangs are extreme. If I don't take in a large amount of calories I feel sick to my stomach, light headed and dizzy. I'm trying caffeine, and eating often but I can't seem to trick my body into thinking it's getting enough calories. Now for the big issue, if I took in too many calories before I would just do more exercise and burn the excess off. But now my shoulder, back and knees are shot. I can do light activity just fine but even something as simple as pushups or situps I can't do many of, the muscle doesn't get tired the joints do. I need some good way to trick my body into not wanting so many calories. Anyone else have this problem or have some suggestions? Thanks
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