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You are taking a multivitamin and ZMA. You are therefore able to concentrate on hitting your macros and tweaking your meals to be nearer optimal with regards to maximising protein synthesis and minimising fat gain.
some quality foods to add in which will add to your vitamin intake are spinach, kale, asparagus, green beans. Use them to bulk out your meals later in the day with little change to macros.
as for quinoa, looks good macro wise. Never tried it myself. Only reason im a big advocate of oatmeal is the relative ease to make it taste good and its cheap.
As for the fructose from fruit question I wouldnt worry too much. Just ensure the vast majority of your carbs are from non fruit sources. This will ensure your carbs replenish muscle glycogen as a priority. Nothinh wrong with the odds banana and handful of blueberries to add variety and taste to your diet as well as the bucketload of vitamins and anti oxidants.
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