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Just to add to Superbilt's rant;
"Reality Check: you don't get results from excuses"

He is 100% correct, I also train in environment where it gets into the low 40 degrees F in the winter. I deal with standard weights and bent bars. I push myself so hard that nausea is a regular occurence. Heck, I even had nausea (albeit not terribly bad) from pushing so hard on my arm workout yesterday.

So when I think ahead to my workout, I know I will be cold and want to throw up at times, but I still get in there and bust my butt day in and day out.

No excuses


Thursday - Legs

Leg Curl
25 (+ chain) x12, 2 sets

Squat (using manta ray) - deep continuous tension
70, 120x15

381x5, 2 sets
383.5x5, 2 sets
386x5, 4 sets

Leg Extension (40 second rests)
70x30 + isotension for 10 seconds (pushing against the negative)
70x15 + isotension for 10 seconds
60x15 + isotension for 10 seconds

Leg Curl
20 (+ chain) x15, 10
15 (+ chain) x8


Wow, upperback is trashed after hitting 3 to 4 sets of Bent Rows ss w/ Rear Delt Raises on Tuesday and Wednesday night, then a few hours after Thursday's DL session (above), I hit 5 sets of 7 on power cleans ss w/ Band pull aparts.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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