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Stationary bike HiiT.
30 second sprints, 1 min rest x 6
5 mins cool down slow pace.

Good thing with this ive got a road bike on a turbo trainer which means i can wear proper cycling shoes. more muscle groups worked than just on a flat pedal, definite bonus for preventing atrophy.



Occluded squats


Wow the burn, went tighter than last time with the wraps and even doing body weight meant i could hardly walk afterwards due to the insane pump. This made lunges even more challenging, did these slow to maximise time under tension with the absence of any weight.

On the up side, my rib isnt causing much pain now, mainly when I laugh hard or cough. Full mobility of my left arm back, meaning I should be able to do pushups against a wall or full pushups very soon. Going to speak to a few PT's that i know then consult my doctor first.
Roll on the new year so I can train with Iron again.
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