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For breakfast i'd scrap the whole thing and just go for oats, milk and whey. Approx 600-700 calories. You want some decent low GI carbs and a solid protein source to start your day well. Don't fear if this ends up being your highest macro meal of the day, it probably should be!
On a cut i'd avoid fruit, If you are having any carbs i'd want them digesting down to glucose and not fructose. Reason being that fructose will replenish liver glycogen stores and not muscle glycogen stores. Considering your workout regime i'd want to maximise glycogen stores in my muscles especially since you'll be eating lower carbs anyway. That's not to say you cant eat fruit. But i'd be having it later in the day after my workout or not at all.
Get your vitamins from leafy greens and vegetables, not to mention your multivitamin supplement.
The mid section of your day looks good, little and often to boost your metabolism. If you find you are struggling to achieve over 5g of leucine per meal from your protein sources then add in some BCAA's with those meals to boost your amino acid intake. I'd also monitor your carb intake on these as you dont seem to have one. Personally for the first 2 meals after your workout i'd want some low GI carbs even if its only 30g of sweet potatoes or oatmeal. But taper it so you have lower carbs with meals 5 and 6.
Finally at the end of your day i'd scrap the whey protein and add in something containing casein, e.g. cottage cheese, quark or a casein powder. I'd also have your cocao nibs and chia seeds with this final meal as the fiber and fat content will help slow your digestion keeping you anabolic for longer overnight.

Hope the advise helps.
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