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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
I think you are sitting back too much causing that pelvic tilt. Your femur is like a pendulum. It's going to move like a curve with a certain point, around 90 deg, being the farthest distance. Thus your hip has to curve back towards your knee after that point. Whereas, I think if you let your knees go forward alittle more and you squat down rather than back, you should have less pelvic tilt. Don't know if any of that made sense.
yeah it did, i'll do some side on videos next time round to look at knee position over my feet and i'll test it out. Just always been used to the cue of sitting back rather than down, which i know is right to initiate the squat movement but I suppose I have to let gravity do some work.

1 and a half hours later..........
Just done some foam rolling, dynamic warmup then body weight squats and had a study back at previous form videos of myself. I've made an adjustment to my initiation of the squat i.e. still breaking at the hips and cue is to sit back first but ensuring my knees travel forward earlier meaning i'm squatting down. Pretty much..... et voila. minimal pelvic tilt in a parallel squat. Much less than previously. I'll reinforce this motor pattern with body weight drills until my next squat workout which will again be minimal weight (132x5) to re-learn the correct motor pattern.
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