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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Why don't you do front squats instead?
Great question. I have tried them from time to time and determined that I suck at them and honestly, I am not willing to put in the effort.

I have tried them with a clean grip, arms crossed, hands in the middle and with straps. Never found a way that I enjoyed. Could I possible get better at them if I worked at it? Probably, but I actually got the manta ray last night and it is great. It basically makes you squat in more of an upright olympic style. I found it very natural and comfortable. (of course, that was with just the bar, I hope I am not speaking too soon)

My glutes are definitely developed from low bar squatting and deadlifting, but I think my quads could use some work. I think the manta ray squats will keep my lower body more balanced.

Wednesday - Back & Arms

A1) Front Lever, 10 second isometric hold

A2) Ab Bench Crunch 35x15, 4 sets, 35x12

B1) V-Bar Pressdown
61x12, 71x9, 81x6, 93x6

B2) DB Hammer
33x10, 10, 10

C1) V-Bar Pressdown
78.5x11, 10, 10

C2) Preacher Curl
57x10, 10, 10

D1) Lat Pulldown
93.5x13, 13, 13

D2) Band Curl, 30 seconds TUT

D3) 1.5 rep OH presses and some explosive pushups

E1) Reverse Pushdowns with a band & OH Ext on Ab Bench

E2) Barbell Curl
47.56x10, 10

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