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* Bodyweight finally topped 190 in the morning (190.5).

Ironically, I was feeling bloated all the time and weighing in light very recently, a very crappy combination. I started doing some higher rep work as a second session each day to help relieve the bloating. It worked like a charm, my body started digesting better and I figure I must be assimilating nutrients better because weight has crept back up the last few days while I have begun to feel leaner.

2nd sessions weren't exactly a new stimulus for me, I have often done something extra (tire work, loaded carries, band work) several hours after my main session, but I have never done them quite like I have done them the last few days. The purpose of my second sessions currently are just to get a massive pump in less then 10 minutes. My thought was to basically burn as many calories and pump as much blood as I could in as little time as possible purely to help relieve the bloating. It has been working great, I feel better and as mentioned above, I am feeling leaner while my weight has crept up.

I cracked into the 190's this morning, 190.5.

Friday - Deadlift

Leg Curl (+25 lb chain)
25x10, 3 sets

421x3, 8 sets - belt

w/ DB Jump Squat - 3 second pause in quarter squat position, then explode up
37x3, 8 sets

Leg Extension
75x30, 15

w/ 1 Explosive Vertical Jump after each set

Leg Curl (+25 lb chain)
25x8, 3 sets

* Great Workout!

James 1:16-17 ESV
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