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Originally Posted by Gregsimo View Post
I did, the bottom squat position has helped with flexibility slightly. The squeezing the glutes made no noticeable difference.
I'm going to be doing some foam rolling on my calves, hams, IT band, hip flexors and spinal erectors to improve mobility. Also employ some stretching exercises like crescent lunges and Bulgarian split squats. Also some hamstring mobilization exercises. My pelvic tilt during the squat is happening way above parallel when i've looked back at video so i'm going to take a full 40% decrease in working weight and increase it back up progressively to nail form and help me fix this issue before lifting heavy weight and risking spinal injury.

Backup plan if the above doesn't work is to use box squats (to prevent forces on the knee) at the height I'm correctly squatting to which is above parallel. Then slowly decreasing the height of the box each workout, stopping at any point when the tuck under begins, working on eliminating it then lowering the box again.
Foam rolling is great. Bulgarian split squats can really help loosen up the hip flexors just make sure to ease into them. That stinks that your tilt is happening way above parallel. But it looks like you have a plan of attack to work at it. Best of luck!


I am really enjoying doing all reps paused, it has brought fresh enthusiasm to my flat bench training.

Thursday - Flat Bench

Ring Dips
BWx10, 3 sets

Flat Bench - all reps paused
285x1 - very solid rep
232.5x7, 6, 5, 5

w/ DB Curl 29x8 between sets

Flat Bench - all reps paused
201x8+4 - rest pause
201x7+4 - rest pause

w/ Bent Row 140x8 between sets

Tri Set: 3 rounds
DB Goblet Carry 85 lb (45 second to 1 minute long)
Bench Press 200x3 - long pause
Bent Row 140x8

Tri Set: 3 rounds
OH Ext on Ab Bench,32.5x10, 4 sets
Bent Row 140x8
DB Curl 15x12

* This was a lot of fun and a great workout

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