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I've tried IF. I got from around 19-20%bf to around the high 9's to 12% bf. Prefers 4-6 hours of eating window, but as for 8 hours, it's normally during my bulk or the beginning of my cut just to adjust my appetite to the meal timings.

Downs a pre-workout+creatine upon waking up and works out fasted, normally around 6am, before my morning classes. After training, I'd hit some bcaa's and head off to lectures before lunch. The elevated HGH levels and the bcaa's should hold it for about 2 hours (hopefully, but so far, it's been good + heard that small window could help you consume some fats temporarily for energy).

Strength and weights are pretty good. Sometimes some slow strength gains during the cut. There'll also be some days where higher rep workouts feels pretty challenging though, if that happens or I'm not really feeling the workouts, I'll just compensate with higher weights, lower reps with higher sets. But a lot of the training is more mind over matter I guess. A lot of times people have less confidence lifting due to the thought that they've been fasting. So, you just gotta try trusting yourself that you can do it.

As for food, it's mainly 2 giant solid food meals finished with shakes each meal. I take my shakes after my meals so I could save the appetite to finish my food, as it is easier to drink compared to eating solid meals as a finisher when you're pretty stuffed.

As for the empty hours during fasting, if you're feeling paranoid or mentally uncomfortable, you can always hit a shake of bcaa's (anything below 45 cals doesn't break your fast I suppose)

I guess you can take L-carnitine before bed or upon waking up too. (I do this sometimes just to give my body a little boost and to be honest, some mental comfort and the placebo effect too.)

Well, that's just my take. I've seen results trying it, so I guess I'll just continue with it until I come across any bumps and find a way to solve it. Heh.

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