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Originally Posted by wannagetbig View Post

I am completely open to change my schedule so that i can MAXIMISE muscle gain - but i do want to keep in some shape/conditioning - especially since i LOVE TO EAT!!
i also note that i lack leg size and is a weak point (i guess thats because i was always running previously).
Based on your current program and training, cardiovascular wise you should be in great shape.
Above you have set your goals at Maximizing muscle gain.
Adjust your training to focus on this, when bulking you don't want your cardio to interfere with recovery. So for example you'd wait at least 24 hrs after training legs before performing sprints (cycling or treadmill).
Also I personally have found its better to perform cardio on off days only. Reason being that more time in the gym results in more time spent with your body being in a catabolic state, never good! The aim when bulking should be to get in and out with no fuss, lift hard and heavy, then eat.
So based on that I would only perform cardio 2-3 times a week using HIIT on a stationary bike rather than treadmill. And try to avoid it clashing with a day of training and ideally 2-3 days between each cardio session.

Your day should look like this:
-Wake up and eat.
-Eat more then get ready to train.
-Train hard then drink a Post workout drink
-Eat some more
-Eat some more
-Eat some more
-Eat some more
-Sleep for 8hrs

That's what my focus looks like when I'm trying to gain muscle. Admittedly you are going to gain fat as well but you have to put your 6 pack behind you if you want to achieve serious gains. The main thing that will keep you lean but gaining size is controlling your Macros correctly.
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