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Default Anti Gyno Foods - help!

Friends I need your advice. After a long period of denial, I went to the doctor and definitely have Gyno. Not super extreme like online, but noticeable enough and embarrassing. Test and Estrogen test on its way back

I'm determined to find a natural way out if this. I'm giving it 12-15 weeks of 5x5, some HIIT, lifestyle changes and diet changes to see if I can reduce my fat (with a proportional amount in the chest) and increase my next test of Testosterone

Regarding diet - I've researched a ton online. What do you think the do's and dont's are?????? I am now desperate to know anything that has anti Gyno properties

I am doing this...

More: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, protein, ZMA, almonds, Brazil nuts, cold showers, heavy lifting (5x5 is new to me as I've been doing more x-fit in the last few years), organic food, tumeric and chilli to spice meat, b complex vitamin in morning, d vitamin at lunch, HIIT instead of steady state cardio, no severe calorie deficit and lots of sleep

Little/no: soy, beer, rice, wheat, plastic containers, tap water, processed foods, no workouts over 1hr. I'm still researching where to get organic deodorant etc
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