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Default cardio and bulking help

Hi everyone

New to the forum - after reading Dr Wilson's article and listening to the podcast - i thought i would join the community here.

I have a question regarding cardio and bulking.

I am currently trying to bulk, weight training 4x a week (Mon, tues, thurs, fri) I train every BP twice per week, with legs trained on Monday and Thursday

However, for the past year (up until a month), i have been doing cardio every day (30 min incl walking on workout days, and running on the off-days).

Having read Dr Wilsons articles, i have changed my schedule, so that i am no longer running, and am doing HIIT cardio sessions on the spin bike and rower on workout days and on SAT, and lower (medium) intensity cardio on Wed and FRI (with one 6 min tabata hiit on the rower on these days).

I am wondering whether i am overdoing the HIIT sessions? ( Should i have one complete rest day or reduce the HIIT session and include a low intensity session?
A sample HIIT session on the spin bike is
10 min warm-up steady
5 x 1 min intervals (1 min rest)
1 x 6 min tabata intervals (20 sec on, 10 off)
4 x 10 sec all out (1/2 resistance), 20 sec all out (max resistance) - taken from layne nortons 'best god damm cardio' suggestion

I am completely open to change my schedule so that i can MAXIMISE muscle gain - but i do want to keep in some shape/conditioning - especially since i LOVE TO EAT!!
i also note that i lack leg size and is a weak point (i guess thats because i was always running previously).

Any help on structuring this would be greatly appreciated.

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