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Originally Posted by Gregsimo View Post
I know how you feel. First 2 weeks back were absolute hell getting the right bar position that doesn't destroy my scapula. Are you putting the bar as low as you can, or resting on your rear delts?
Not sure I would say "as low as I can", but I am definitely a low bar squater. I always keep a tight back to help create a shelf of the traps/rear delts, but lately I have noticed a mobility issue that I discovered from video taping my squats from behind. I just to have to work on getting the right arm in and back.

Friday - Flat Bench

* PR for paused bench is 300, but that was when I was fresh. 275 was super easy today and that was after 3 sets of dips and a healthy pause. I could have easily hit 285 or 290 today even with the fatigue of the dips.

Ring Dips
BWx10, 3 sets

Flat Bench - all reps paused
275x1 - Easy!
227.5x7, 6, 5, 5
197.5x8+4 - rest pause
197.5x7+4 - rest pause

Power Clean 150x5 between bench sets

Quad-Set: 4 rounds
Bent Row 140x8
Lat Pulldown 111x6
Flat Bench 1 Board Press 177.5x7
Ring Dip BWx5

OH Ext on Ab Bench
32.5x10, 3 sets

w/ Left Arm work and Band Stiff Arms

* I've been doing a lot of dips lately and my chest feels like it is blowing up. Chest and Back are overpowering my lateral delts in terms of physique. I will need to devote more time to lateral raises or some type of high pulls.

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