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Smile Theoretical question on BCAA's & Whey & Food.

I'm a little confused here. Just a food for thought. As I know, bcaa's are the building blocks of protein. So, we consume protein such as meat and whey for example, to breakdown the protein and retrieve the bcaa's in them right? The protein from meat/whey will be broken down into bcaa's right?

Well, theoretically speaking, assuming disregards of costs and such, as long as we consume bcaa's, we wouldn't need foods such as whey and meat and protein foods in those complex forms right? Furthermore, bcaa's in free form would allow the body to absorb almost the full nutritional value and less risks on losses via digestion(we may not fully digest foods 100% and get the 100% nutritional value) and such, and bcaa's are absorbed almost right away, plus it is caloric efficient.

So, the question here is why do most of us still consume whey instead of just downing our bcaa supplements? I know a lot of people take both, but why get whey to break them down to bcaa's when you can get the bcaa's directly? What am I missing on this bcaa and protein info? Is there something more in-depth about whey (and maybe protein whole foods) compared to free form bcaa supplements? What are your knowledge, opinions and inputs regarding this? Whatever I know and stated may probably be an incorrect or inaccurate info or I may have probably misunderstood the science behind it, but well, if I do, please correct and enlighten me on this, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
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