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Weigh in Day.
After one month of being back in the gym its weighing and measurement day.

Weight: 169lbs (+5lb)
Chest: 40.4" (+0.4")
Waist: 36.8" (+/- 0)
Legs: 23.4" (+1.0")
Arms: 14.1" (+0.7")
Calves: 13.5" (+/- 0)
Forearms: 11.1" (+0.1")

Squats: 198x5
Deadlift: 253x3/242x5
Bench Press: 126.5x5
Pendlay Row: 132x5
OH press: 99x5

The plan is to run the basic Starting strength program (+ ab work) for the next month then re-assess. Targets for each lift are as follows:
Squats: 253x5
Deadlift: 308x5
Bench Press: 165x5
Pendlay row: 165x5
OH Press: 115.5x5

If I can achieve these i wont be far off my old squat and bench PR's and my rows and deadlifts PR's will be smashed.
Bring on the next month.
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