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A lot of it may be down to the pressures of life, I know a lot of people who have a stressful day and the first thing they do is reach for a bag of potato chips and can of cola. Most of that desire is psychological as people associate eating junk food as relief. It becomes a negative feedback loop in that some people are stressed out and have issues due to their weight, as such they comfort eat to feel better. They gain more weight and the circle of self hate continues. If this is you there is only one way out. Believing in yourself. Good thing is that you have done it before. Try and get yourself back into the mindset you had last time round.
As for craving fatty food, again its the feel good about eating a greasy but yummy 4oz burger. Everyone likes it! But a healthy diet isn't as boring as people make other think.
Your main focus should be at first calorie reduction. Just focus on that. Substitute items in your diet that are calorie rich for bulky items with less macros in. E.g. rice cakes, wheat crackers etc.
I won't go into detail on this subject as your doctor should know more than I do. So listen to their advice.

Just one question for you. Are the panic attacks/anxiety due to work, home life or your weight?
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