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Originally Posted by lionelxxl View Post
Hi Tim, how exactly are you performing the DB Goblet carries? Curious, but why do you do them? As a GPP or finisher exercise? Or are you trying to train/re-inforce a certain movement pattern?

Anyway, thanks and great great log. Lots to read and learn from!
Thanks for checking in, this article should answer your questions:
This thread was also very helpful:


Saturday - Back & Arms

A1) Snatch Grip High Pull
120x5, 4 sets

A2) High Cable Row
61x10, 4 sets (didn't include in every round)

A3) Front Lever
BWx10 second isometric hold

B1) V-Bar Pressdown
51x15, 61x12, 71x9, 88.5x6

B2) DB Hammer
30.5x11, 11, 10

C1) V-Bar Pressdown
76x12, 11, 10

C2) Preacher Curl
55x11, 11, 10

D1) Lat Pulldown
111x8, 3 sets

D2) Band Curl, 30 seconds TUT

D3) Explosive Pushups
BWx15, 3 sets

E1) OH Ext on Ab Bench
32.5x10, 3 sets

E2) Barbell Curl, close grip
45x10, 2 sets

DB Farmer's Walks
2 sets, 1 minute long each

* I really enjoyed this workout!

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