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I agree with what Arian has said. Focusing on the main lifts as the bulk of your exercise selection in the split will yield the best results with regards to strength increases.
As for wanting to add mass to your frame. The main lifts will if you lift hard and eat well. By the sound of things you aren't maxxed out towards your genetic limit. So assistance wise use exercises that provide assistance to the main lifts.
So for squat day you'd add front squats and glute ham raises (GHR's). Your hams and quads get a pounding from the workout but the movements in GHR's and front squats will assist with gaining squat strength.

Same applies for bench press. Don't rely on flyes or DB work for strength increases. Do some dips. *Edit* Also try incline bench press. *edit*Even then only when your strength stalls would i even consider CGBP for some direct tricep/front delt work (Can always be done on shoulder day)

Add in the isolation work as more volume in the workout at the expense of intensity when hypertrophy becomes your main goal. But remember strength gains will generally yield increases in muscle size (Ever seen a skinny powerlifter/WSM competator) so even with strength as your main focus, expect to grow!

Other exercises you would want to consider are pendlay or BB rows. Chins/pullups. hyperextentions. BB curls and old school tricep extensions (if you insist on having 3 sets of direct arm work on bench press day and then on deadlift day).

As for saving time as you mentioned in the first post. You wont need to. By not over complicating the workout with insane volume on isolation work you'll spend the time focusing on the lifts which will make you grow stronger and bigger. Then core work will fit in nicely at the end of every other workout and could be as simple as doing planks and bridges.

As for rep ranges Arian is right again, sets of 12 don't have enough intensity for your goals. Lower the rep ranges considerably. There's no set guideline on this but 5 reps 3 sets, 5 sets 5 reps, 6.4.2., 7x4 etc pick one, focus on it then progress each workout.

An example routine could be:

Day 1 (Exercise. Sets x Reps)
Squats 5x5
Front squat 3x6
GHR's 10 reps 1 second hold at peakcalf work
planks or bridges

Day 2
Bench press 5x5
Dips 3x8 or incline press 3x8,
old school extensions 3x10

Day off

Day 4
Deadlift 5x2
Chins (weighted, or no more than 8 reps 3 sets)
BB rows 3x8
BB curls (if you must) 3x10
Bridges or planks

Day 5
OH press or military press 5x5
Upright rows 3x8
CGBP or dips 3x8

Day off

Rinse and repeat

The primary focus is strength, the assistance work assists in strength. Rep ranges used for assistance work will give adequate hypertrophy.
Hope that helps. Remember its just my 2 cents on things. There's no correct way to train. You'll always have some gains if you eat hard and train hard on any routine. Its about tailoring that routine to give you the best results for your current goals.
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