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Originally Posted by Thedarkrose View Post
Technically I'm doing 4 sets of squats(2 overhead and then 2 regular so I can put more weight, probably gonna add a 3rd set to regulars) then 5 benchpress(2 high reps 3 high weight) and 5 deadlift(same as bench) the order isn't really accurate since I'm not done tweaking it but it's a bit of a modified LST-7 program.
Except you wrote "as a warmup" so it's not like you are going to be pushing the overhead squat with heavy weights and progressively overloading. And its sets of 12, so once again it'll be light weight and not a focus on strength. Then the regular squats are also only 2 sets of 12 so won't be a strength focus and will be harder to progress with that little volume.

You keep talking about how strength is a primary focus of yours and that you modified it for strength but I don't see any of that. The only thing slightly resembling a strength focus is the 4-5 sets of 3-5 reps for bench and deadlift but even that is after the 12 reps work.

There are a couple of ideas you need to implement into your programming. One the focus of your program is really going to be based on 2 parameters, intensity and volume. Think of it as a vector (remember that thing they taught us in high school we thought was useless?) Intensity is the direction of the vector and volume is the magnitude of the vector. And you can think of intensity and reps inversely related so the higher the intensity, the lower the reps. So by having all your exercises for sets of 12 reps, your intensity is low thus you aren't pointing your vector in the direction of strength. Your vector is pointing in the direction of hypertrophy and muscular endurance.

Another idea is exercise selection. I don't know why, some people love picking a million different exercises and only doing a few sets on them. If an exercise is worth putting into your program, then it's worth doing for several sets. You really need to put some volume into the exercise selected to actually obtain its benefits. Don't major in the minors. And don't be someone with a million dollar 1-arm supinated cable curl and a broke *** squat.
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