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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Why are you doing endless sets of biceps and triceps but then only 2 sets of squats and 2 sets of deadlifts? Bigger muscles need more time and effort. And this is especially true if you want to get strong. If you look at strength programs, they have set/rep protocols like 5x5, 6x4, 7x5, 8x4, 10x3, etc. 2 sets of 12 is not going to cut it.

If your primary focus is strength, then I would start each training session with a main lift (squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press). Second exercise will be a compound lift that is an assistance exercise to hit a particular weakness. Then the accessory work after that will be more single joint, hypertrophy typical bodybuilding style work. This should give you a nice balance of strength and size while bringing up any weaknesses you may have specifically. So a typical day could look like:

Back squat - 5x5
Beltless Front squat - 3x5
Leg curls - 4x10
Calf raises - 3x15
Technically I'm doing 4 sets of squats(2 overhead and then 2 regular so I can put more weight, probably gonna add a 3rd set to regulars) then 5 benchpress(2 high reps 3 high weight) and 5 deadlift(same as bench) the order isn't really accurate since I'm not done tweaking it but it's a bit of a modified LST-7 program. The endless ISO sets with stretch are simply to get the best pump possible(that I've found so far, the feeling is simply awesome) and since they are lower weights than usual they allow me to better concentrate on the technique.

I've done a lot of 5x5s, 6x6s, etc. I'm just overdue for a change and since my trainer introduced me to the stretchbreaks I've been meaning to incorporate it more into my training and while searching online I found LST-7 which seemed perfect for it so I figured I'd adapt it a bit and give it a spin. (While keeping priority to strength on the primary lifts)

Now back to the order, yeah I've got to switch it up, thinking day one would start with benchpress then superset tricep press with hammer curls and then the two ISO stretches back to back and finally the calf(though I'm unsure why the routine was initially calf the day before legs but I tried it and it doesn't seem to affect my squats/leg press so I figured I'd keep it that way)

Then there's really just day six that I forgot to add shoulder press at the start(maybe remove rows/lat raises, I guess I'll see in a few days, currently on day 3)

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Do this.

Remember strength is in large part neurological. Frequent practice is good. So try to squeeze in extra sets of the main lifts (these can be lighter) on other days of the week aside from the main workout for that lift.
Yeah I know... I guess I could always drop to 5 sets stretchbreaks and add those 2/4 extra sets to the main lifts to help without increasing the required time nor decreasing my pump and if I still have some time just re-add them since they are always last...

Maybe I could also use one or both of he days off to do the main 4 lifts at 25-50% output just to help recovery? And extra practice(can never practice form too much ^_^)

Now thanks both for the feedback, I'm sorry my original post wasn't clear enough because I wanted to make it short and the workout was already making it long... I hope this post clarifies. And I appreciate your inputs but please give me something different than the basic workouts if you really feel this one won't cut it! Thanks

PS: I'm editing the first post to make the workout better fit what I'm changing so far.

PPS: I need to workout daily or nearly daily for two reasons;
1) I'm ADHD and it helps manage it
2) I work an office job and really need to move

Also, my 3-5 rep are never at their best from lack of a partner... But I usually try to get someone at least for the last set of bench.

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