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Originally Posted by Streetman View Post
I'll describe this the best I can, as I don't know what to call this tendon. It's right about where most people say thier "funny bone" is.

While doing a normal curling motion, the tendon that runs under the inside of my elbow joint "pops" from under the joint to the inside then back underneith. That is, half way through the concentric mortion of a curl, the tendon that is normally underneith towards the inside of my elbow will get hung up for a second on the inside "corner" of my elbow, then pop around to the inside. Of course, on the way down, it pops back.

It's been going on for some time now. No pain, but it distracts me like crazy as I think "that can't be good". It happens not only in curls, but bench, overhead press, etc. Any time I bend it, pop-pop, back and forth.

Diet is good; suppliment with flax when I don't eat fish. The right elbow doesn't do it, so I doubt it's diet. It just feels like it pops out of "track" and then back. I can put my hand underneith my elbow and feel it moving back and forth, popping from under the joint to the inside and back. If I push up on it at this time, and make it "pop" you can see it pop over the bone, shake the skin in that spot, and make everyone sick.

Should it concern me? Any idea what it is? What type of doctor would I even go see to get checked out?
I have the same thing going on with my right elbow. The tendon pops back and forth just like you mentioned. I have found that warming up really good has helped a lot. Most of the the time it only happens with bench pressing, overhead extentions, skull crushers, and press downs. I have read alot about other people having the same situation. You could try using an E-Z bar, I did and it made a big difference for me. The easy bar allows your hands to be at a more natural position, in return putting less stress on your wrist and elbows. Try making some adjustments and see how it goes. Hope this helps
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