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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
First off, I think those are decent numbers for your first real attempt at losing fat. I calculate 17.3 lb fat loss and 6.7 lb muscle loss.

And yes, you are correct regarding the science. The higher BF% you are at, the more likely subsequent gains are going to be fat and vice versa.

Here are a few articles on the subject:
First one is really good

I would say trying to add mass at 24% will not be optimal and you would be better served by a slow cut down to 10% before attempting to add mass again.

You are currently 156.6 lean mass and 49.4 fat mass. 10% with no muscle loss would be 174.4 pounds. I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but if you diet slowly you should maintain a lot of strength and you will actually improve your wilks coefficient.

I'd split it into multiple phases. Give yourself 3 months to diet down to 190 and stick at that weight for a few weeks, giving yourself a mental break and attempting to just recomp/maintain at that weight. Then finish the job with another 3 months to lose the next 15 pounds. 3 months is 13 weeks roughly, so just slightly over 1 pound per week during each phase. That should not effect strength levels too much.

Hypothetically, in 7 months, you could be a better powerlifting in terms of your relative strength and with improved body composition you would be on your way to much more successful mass gains.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need advice.
Thanks for the links, I'll definitely read them tomorrow when I get a chance. And yea, losing 7 lbs of muscle is alittle disappointing but that is also the maximum estimate. I wasn't walking around 230 lbs all the time, I believe I only hit 230 on the scale on 2 occasions and that was night weight and I purposely bloated myself for my training lol. Majority of the time I was 225 lbs so 159.75 LBM down to now 156.56 LBM. Not bad.

Thank again for the help, I definitely see where you are coming from since I always heard the same thing about too much body fat hindering muscle gains.
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