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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Thursday - Scooter trouble, couldn't make it home for workout

Friday - Legs

Leg Curl
25 (+ chain) x10, 2 sets

320, 350x1
330x5 - wanted 6 but it just wasn't there

Deadlift - completed in 13 minutes
368.5x5, 8 sets

Occluded Leg Extension - 4.5 wraps around thigh
55x30+15+15+15 - kept wraps on, added weight, 75x10
Awesome squat workout dude!

So, I'm in a bit of a conundrum and figured I should ask a few people with more knowledge & experience on the matter for advice. So I'm coming to you!

Basically the story is that I used powerlifting as an excuse to get fat lol. I topped out at 230 lbs & 29% bf according to some bio impedance method before I decided I should make a change. I've slowly cut down during 2013 and last week I was 206 lbs & 24% bf according to 7 site caliper test. So I lost a good amount of fat but some muscle as well and during that time my squat went down but bench, deadlift and powerlifting total went up.

I want to put on muscle mass but I'm wondering how effective that process would be in my current state. Back in the day when I was more into bodybuilding I've read that really low or really high levels of bf do not allow for optimal gains in muscle mass. Would you say this idea is true? And would you say that trying to gain muscle mass at 24% bf is not going to be very effective? And if this is true, do you suggest to continue slowly cutting till I'm at more normal body fat levels? Or do you think it's possible to do a "body recomp" where I stay at ~205 lbs and try to lose some fat and gain some muscle at the same time.

Sorry it's a long read! I hope I explained everything clearly and am very interested in your thoughts on the matter. Thanks and keep up the good work.
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