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Default Just a check-in!

Tally ho everyone!

Every once in a while I just like to throw up a post like this to see what everyone's up to and how life and lifting is going, especially as I only tend to do so every few months at most (life is so busy!). At 50+ hours a week and no internet at home I don't get to post much anymore, so how is everyone doing?

Since I last posted, more or less, I finished at the National Personal Training Institute, 100%ing all of their finals, A on every test, passed my NASM CPT, and after a few quiet months have a building practice of several clients and growing! Before long I can quit my dayjob and focus more on research and study (I focus on corrective exercise and endocrine function, so a lot of post-rehab and diabetic care), expanding my publishing repertoire (amazon book publishing), and other business ventures. Also as of this last weekend I am now engaged, so things are going well!

Hope to hear everyone in the community doing well!
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