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Originally Posted by Yujyea View Post
Dang, there is so little information on this. So, for a diabetic patient, that does not exhibit signs of diabetes anymore, and exercises regularly, is taking metformin together with creatine okay?
Can anyone help??
In all honesty, you really need to discuss it with your physician. Creatine has been proven safe in normal people for several years now, and in several clinical trials. 15-20 years ago there was little information available on the possible side effects of creatine, but today, there is solid research. With that said, though, any medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, or other related conditions will preclude any so-called "safe" supplement use.

Cut to the chase..... DON'T seek or take medical advice from the internet, or from anyone else for that matter, except your personal physician who is familiar with your condition!!! In your case specifically, diabetes is nothing to mess with. Even though you don't have symptoms, please, please, please do not think that you can get off your diet or meds to take a supplement that at best will offer nominal gains in the gym. Follow your doctor's guidance and keep your diabetes under control like it is now!
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