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Originally Posted by jasonorland View Post
Squat looks solid.

In my experience, squatting well for a while will automatically give you good deadlift technique. Just keep going and the minor flaws will iron themselves out.
Technique: Squats for Deadlifts

Squat and Deadlifts are two different animals.

Improving the technique in one does not transfer over to the other.

1) Each requires a different movement pattern.

2) The muscle firing sequence is different.

Development of Technique

Research by Dr. Tom McLaughlin (PhD Exercise Biomechanics/Former Powerlifter) has demonstrated that technique is developed in a movement by performing 1-2 repetitions with load of 85% of 1RM.

Research has demonstrated the muscle firing sequences is different with lower training load (let's say 60% or less), when it comes to developing the correct muscle firing sequence.

Load of 85% plus, more closely simulate competition 1 RM conditions. Thus, are more effective in developing the right muscle firing sequence.

Training Example

Let's say your max deadlift is 400 lbs.

Single Rep Technique Loads

340 lb (plus) X 1 Rep X ? Sets (400 X 85% = 340 lbs)

Set In Session

The number of sets performed are dependent on your technique with each rep.

The moment your technique falls apart, the movement must be STOPPED!

Continuing to perform reps with bad form will develop bad technique.

With that said, let me add this...


The majority of lifter (especially powerlifters) don't grasp the concept of how technique is developed or maintained.

They are over ambitious and end up pushing the movement to fatigue.

Once fatigue sets in it give birth to bad technique.


Fatigue is a vital component of increasing strength and muscle mass.

Jake Wilson has some great research about to be published on this.

However, there is NO place in pushing beyond fatigue with technique training. It is counter productive.

Quarter Squats

One strength movement that will help with the Deadlift is High Bar Quarter Squats, as well as the: Leg Press and Front Squats.

"The Devil's in the Details"

Minor flaws never iron themselves out without work.

Minor flaws are like weeds in your yard. The slowly creep in.

As with weed you have to constantly eliminate them when they creep in.

If not, you're yard end up being a weed patch.

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