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Originally Posted by bigironcross View Post
I would move the eggs to the morning to get your protein spread out the day.
Seems much more reasonable usually in the mornings I am super rushed so it can be difficult.. My diet today was pretty weak

Breakfast ~10:30am- packet of oatmeal
Dinner: 8pm- Chicken Breast, Green Beans Brown Rice
Snack 12:45am- Banana

Went for a 30minute walk

Was super busy today didn't have time to eat really at all, made it a point to not go out and grab fast food or overeat at my late dinner, just got back from the grocery store and bought some Omega-3 Breaded Fish 80 cals per filet high protein high fiber. Cooking up the 10 filet ffor the week, going to have one now and taking 2 for lunch tomorrow)
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