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Originally Posted by bigironcross
Don't weight yourself daily since it can be discouraging. But, do weight yourself occasionally to make sure you're on track. Clothes fitting better feels great. Needing a new wardobe feels even better. I've recently lost about 10 pounds just by reducing my portions. Weights do feel heavier and I do feel weaker. Hopefully, I'll get past that. Hoping to need a new wardobe in a few months. Slow and steady will win this fat loss race. Good luck again.
Thanks for the tips!

Originally Posted by rickck48
All the best to you Qester in your work. I too am starting over after a low back surgery and now they tell me I will never work again. Well I started back and am just now getting over kidney surgery and to start over. Never give up til you get that "Perfect" lift. Be watching with ya. RTR!
I hope you have a speedy recovery!

Today's diet:
Breakfast: Oatmeal and hashbrown (bad i know)
Early Dinner (3pm)- Chicken Breast with bbq sauce, baked potato, Veggie Chilli (Pasta Sauce, Green Beans, Assorted Red beans)
Post Workout: Whey Shake


Wide Grip Pulldown 12x100, 10x110 8x120
Tricep rope pulldowns 12x100 10x110 8x120

Incline Machine (not pulley, actual plates) 12x45 lbs plates, 12x 55lbs, 12x 75lbs
Bicep Curls 12x20 10x25 12x20

Deadlifts 6x135 6x135 6x135
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