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Originally Posted by Qester View Post
Hello Everyone!

To those old time members I am back, to the new members let me introduce myself. Something has to change!
Hi, I'm not old but I am not new. : )
Either way, Welcome back!

Originally Posted by Qester View Post
The excuses I need to overcome:
1) I don't have time, I am in school, I work, I have personal obligations, I do volunteer work... Yet adding an hour a day into my life will give me years on the backside and make all my years better
Don't get trapped in this box. Finding 15 to 20 minutes a day of hard compound exercises will do wonders and won't eat away at your work and social life.

Originally Posted by Qester View Post
4) It's so much easier to eat poorly (and cheaper!)... This one will be the hardest for me, I love healthy foods, greens, veggies, lean meats bring em on! The problem is the wallet! Without a lot of expendable income it can be hard to eat healthy on a diet
This is false as I have documented so many times on this site.

Please check out this thread for an example:

Once you start calculating the nutrients per dollar of items like whey, tuna, chicken, eggs, rice, potatoes, oatmeal and compare it to unhealthy options, you will be surprised.

Originally Posted by Qester View Post
5) Asthma...asthma...asthma... I have asthma, and it is a daily thing. No hardcore cardio for me!
Did you have asthma in high school/college? Or is this weight/health related?

Originally Posted by Qester View Post
Who knows? I need to do some research to figure out the best and healthiest way to tackle this. All my knowledge base revolves around exercises and nutrition while already in shape and healthy, I need to build a new foundation.
Luckily for you, human physiology hasn't changed just because you are out of shape. The same things that built muscle and got you lean then are the things that will work now. The only change is your level of strength and cardiovascular endurance. Thus, you may have to start with lighter weights and less volume, but you can gradually work up to similar routines like what you did 5 to 10 years ago.

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