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Post Battling Obesity

Hello Everyone!

To those old time members I am back, to the new members let me introduce myself. I am Qester and I once was in shape. I was a varsity athlete who took training very seriously and had the results I wanted.

However once I stopped sports my high caloric diet did not change and my workouts dwindled. I packed on around 50-60 pounds. Going from 2 or 3 a days to none a days while still eating a ton has it's effects. At first it wasn't as bad as it seemed I kept most of my strength and was still pretty fit.

Over the last 5 years however I have packed on another 10 pounds and am significantly weaker my health has declined my cardio is non existent, I am a wreck. To top it all of I am in my Mid-Twenties!

Something has to change!

The excuses I need to overcome:
1) I don't have time, I am in school, I work, I have personal obligations, I do volunteer work... Yet adding an hour a day into my life will give me years on the backside and make all my years better
2) I have a torn rotator cuff, I saw an orthopedic surgeon who was going to do laproscopic surgery however I could not afford the time required for the recovery period... I will have to take precautions to build up the muscles around it and go light on the shoulder/chest exercises
3) I have tendonitis in both biceps... Again I will have to go low weight
4) It's so much easier to eat poorly (and cheaper!)... This one will be the hardest for me, I love healthy foods, greens, veggies, lean meats bring em on! The problem is the wallet! Without a lot of expendable income it can be hard to eat healthy on a diet
5) Asthma...asthma...asthma... I have asthma, and it is a daily thing. No hardcore cardio for me!

1) My goal is to lose 60 pounds. Whoa!? Wait? 60 pounds? Yes you read that correctly...60 pounds
2) To have lower blood pressure, I want to lower my blood pressure to an acceptable level.
3) Bodyfat- I have no idea what my bodyfat percentage is at..In fact I don't even know how much I weigh I am afraid to look at the scale however my long term goal is 15% by age 30.
4) Better breathing- I am hoping that weight loss and exercise will improve my asthma

Who knows? I need to do some research to figure out the best and healthiest way to tackle this. All my knowledge base revolves around exercises and nutrition while already in shape and healthy, I need to build a new foundation.

Below I will be posting how my days are going for better or for worse and I will keep this post updated with my stats once I get them.
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