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Thursday - Legs

Leg Curl
25 (+ chain) x10, 3sets


360 - set up for 360, but my four 10 lb plates weren't collared, I only had 320 collared. As I unracked it, I bumped the powerrack which shifted a couple 10's on the right side, as I descended the 10's fell off which made the left side heavier. I immediately began to ascend and racked it. I knew my first real work set was 320, so that's why I just added the 10's without the collars so I could strip them easier. No more being lazy, I will collar all weights.

320x7 - felt really smooth

363.5x5, 8 sets

Occluded Leg Extension - wraps remain on for duration, 20 second breaks between sets

* I am including occluded leg extensions in hopes of getting my quads leaner. Higher rep work and work that builds up metabolites helps build capillaries. Proper blood flow to an area is crucial for mobilzing and burning fat. Additionally, the old schoolers seem to be correct, higher rep work actually does mobilize more fat in the muscle used as compared to mobilized fat in surrounding tissue.

Here's an article outlining some of the science (with references):

James 1:16-17 ESV
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