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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
How exactly is he holding you up? Is he constantly talking to you wasting away time? Or does he take longer than you to recover between sets? If it's too much idle chatting, then just explain to him your expectations for each workout and that you guys need to get the work done. If he's taking too long to rest between sets, then see if you can do 2 sets for every 1 set he does. You may still only get 3 exercises done since you have to wait for him, but you'll be able to do more work at each exercise which will still be beneficial. Also, you can try getting away from the machines and working with DBs. That way you can have your own set of dumbbells and bench to do exercises at your own pace and he can have his set.
Thanks for the suggestions! The main problem is chatting... before and while he's getting ready to do the set. And yes, he takes longer to recover and just sits there while he does. Plus, he's nowhere near my lift weights and we're having to reset the bar between each of our sets. I mostly use dumbells since I'm trying to rehab a weaker left side due to an old neck injury, but I like a barbell for some heavier, compound work. Using some machines would actually make the situation better since it only takes moving a pin to reset the weight. One seated back rowing machine does use plates and that's one of my favorite heavy workouts for isolation. Like for today, my first exercise after a brief warmup was bent over barbell rows at the squat rack (it's easy to use the squat rack because no one in the gym in the mornings uses the squat rack for squatting except me). I have my weight already stacked for my heavy sets, and he comes in after I've started and needs to unload the bar for his first set. Sooooo....we get it unloaded, re-racked, and then he talks for a few minutes and then gets his set in. Then I have to reload, do my set and then repeat for him again. I suppose I could load the bar backwards initially (smaller plates inside, bigger plates outside) so it wouldn't take as long to reset the weight for him....just strip off the big plates and go. But unless I'm just rude to my friend, I'm not going to stop the talking. It's just frustrating, but I think in the end he'll give up and stop coming altogether. Plus, I'll probably take Commander's advice and give up the 15 mins of cardio. I just like it as a general warmup first thing in the morning before lifting.

I'll get there! Thanks for listening to me guys!
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