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Default Faster Gains

An interesting observation I've made now that I've been back in the gym for a month after being out for 6 years...... my gains seem to be coming much faster than they did on my initial month some 12-13 years ago. When I first started, I struggled and struggled to make tiny gains. Back then, I remained discouraged for months, even years until in my opinion, I finally made headway towards my goal of increasing body mass and decreasing fat.

Perhaps it is because I am much better educated on how to maximize my efficiency in the gym. Perhaps it is because I am better educated on how to intake proper nutrition. Perhaps it is due in part to muscle memory..... it's certainly NOT due to me being younger! Perhaps it is also due to my perception change from then to now.

Whatever the case, in about 3 short weeks, I have noticed a very significant body transformation (for me, anyway) and significant gains in strength measured by my lifts in the gym. My stamina has increased and my overall mental attitude and level of personal confidence is soaring!

Looking forward, I will will continue to achieve as long as I continue to believe!!!
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