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Originally Posted by TheProphecy View Post
February was a difficult month for me as I dealt with illness and injury. Fortunately, I am now at 100% and ready to hit the gym this week. I'm almost sure that I lost strength, and I would like to know where to begin so I can progress to where I left off a month ago.

Just for an example, last month, I was pushing 100 lb dumbbells for incline, decline, flat bench press. If I were to attempt these same exercises this week, I am curious as to what weight to begin with and how much weight to add each week?

Any recommendations anyone has for me? Or should I just go in there with extreme intensity?

Thanks in advance.
How long is your layoff working out?

If you layoff from workout for at least a month. you should start again to zero. If you lift 100 lbs on bench decrease it from 30 to 50 percent.

Start increasing weight slowly so you will not get injured and it will increase your strength along the way.
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