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Seems so strange to post back on here. Well my mum passed away in June 2011 and its now Sept 2013 and i've only just managed to think about training again.
In that time i've been promoted in work...twice so i'm now a dept manager which takes up 50-60 hrs a week of my time.
To keep in some shape i've done a lot of swimming and recently took up cycling.
For a few months now its been itching at me to get back to the gym and lift iron again. So the plan is to do some flexibility work for a few weeks (Yoga, general stretching) then begin lifting once more. Due to the great results achieved previously for the first couple of months I'm planning on doing starting strength then I'll re-assess and most likely go towards hypertrophy based workouts to pile on some mass.
Good to see the same guys still posting on here (Arian, commander etc..)
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