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* Note: Biceps still cramping from Monday night's workout: (not documented before, it was a few hours after my leg workout)

Intense squeeze on all sets, slow temps, no more than 40 seconds rest between set

OH Cable Curl behind head - 26x12, 2 sets
DB Hammer - 24x8, 3 sets
Barbell Curl - 40x8, 3 sets
DB Curl - 10x20, 2 sets (aiming for over 30 seconds TUT)

It was a quick workout too, I may have to do that one again once my biceps recover.

Wednesday - Back, Shoulders, Triceps

Front Lever - 3 holds at about 8 to 10 seconds
Front Lever - 4 reps, 2 sets

(dips on video from a different day)

Deadstop Unsupported Ring Row
BWx6, 4 sets

ss w/

Ab Bench Crunches -reps to failure each set (about 8 to 12)
40, 2 sets
32.5, 4 sets

* Wasn't concerned about weight on OH press, my delts/traps were pretty pumped from occasionally supersetting this with rear and lateral raises.

OH Press
110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160x5
120x6, 6
60x10, 2 sets

ss w/

Rear and lateral raises with 10 lb dumbbells

Tricep Pushdown
51x8 to 12 reps, 5 or 6 sets

* Weight didn't matter so much on OH press


On a different forum, there was some question as to whether my butt is coming off the bench because the up and down hip motion, so here is my bench from the side, warning, I am in my underwear, lol. As you can see, the hip motion comes from glute contraction/relaxation and butt maintains contact with the bench.

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