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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Funny, I just did this 2 days ago in a conscious attempt to hit at least 30 seconds of TUT for my bicep workout. The pump was intense and my biceps still feel like cramping when I contract them 2 days later.
That's great!! I get all sorts of funny looks from others in the gym when I'm doing slow curls with a standard bar. Mine aren't usually 30 seconds though, but at least 10 up and 10 down. To really shake it up, after a short rest from 4 slow sets, I do 4 sets of 21s and then on to fast rep concentration curls. My little twist on the concentration curls is that I do them fast on one arm until failure and then trade off to the other arm until failure. I continue that cycle until I can't do more than 2 reps per arm. I have been known to then drop the weight and continue on for another cycle. Feels like my biceps are going to explode!!!
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