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Originally Posted by dtg View Post
Hello fellow ABC members. I've been out of the ring for a long while and now I'm trying to get back to it but as the title says, I'm lost.

I'm 39 now and my goal is to dramatically improve my shape as well as my overall health by my 40th birthday in May 2014.... so time is on my side but I want to ask for your help on how to get started (diet and workout).

Here are my current numbers:

22% bf (calipers)
Belly (circumference at navel) 34"
Cholesterol is a whopping 250

My goal for my 40th birthday is to be sub 10% bf and let the weight work itself out as that is not my concern. I also believe that my belly would probably drop to 30" or 31" at that bf% (based on prior experience).

I need to know how to start in terms of diet, workouts, cardio, etc.

I've found that if I'm out for a while and I start back too quickly (dieting or workouts), I tend to overdo it and I either get injured or tired out and I end up resting again.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Since you are just starting out again just do basic lifting like squat, bench press and deadlift and just include assistance training for each muscle group.

You can split your workout in to 3 or 4 day split depends on your availabity of your time.

you can follow this program if you are just starting out.
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