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Default Eating correctly.

Originally Posted by rickck48 View Post
I am 1000 mg. of Metformin taking it 2 times a day. Since I have started back training lightly 5 days and stationary Bike 5 days. I feel good. I have already lost from 248 down to 222 lbs. This was starve eating but I am now on a 4 times a day meal plan that I am still developing. Any inside help would be appreciated not scorned. God Bless guys.
Keep it up! Keep increasing the intensity and weights. Maintain perfect form, and keep lifting.
The meals you are taking, make sure that you take food with low GI, that is food that takes more time to digest. This makes sure the sugar content in your blood is low most of the time. Just google low GI food, and eat them, rather than high GI food. And eat clean. Thats about it.
Remember to rest accordingly, eat right, train right.
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