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Originally Posted by usplabs View Post
I am currently doing this 55 workout plan and I am getting great results and absurd gains. Before doing this, I used to look weak and scrawny weak, but now I look more filled out and actually have mass to fill out my frame. I personally feel it is superb for a beginner as it builds strength and size. However, for someone who has been in the game a long time on the squat and dead lift, I feel that it does not help gain strength because the volume is too high and the weight has to be a little lower. One advice from my side, When beginners are in a process of learning a new lift, they require to do a lot of perfect repetitions in order to not only learn, but ingrain excellent technique. The 5X5 ramp/ascending pyramid is a great way to do with this and have often used it to teach new movements.

Glad to hear it! I started also logging my food intake with myfitnesspal. Apparently, I'm not getting even half the amount of protein I need! So, that might be a huge part of my problem. However, I did drop the weights down and I am sore for a day tops now. The weight is going up 5 lbs. every workout. Soon, I'll be back to 185 and I feel like I can crush it.
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