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Originally Posted by weightbanger View Post
Yes eating clean maybe cheaper, but you have to buy a lot more to meet caloric requirements. I can buy a loaf of bread, baloney and cheese, with regular mayo and make a 400 calorie sandwhich for the whole week for around 3-4$. Although, nutritionally its garbage. I'm losing my job by the end of this week and my wife doesn't like the idea of buying all this clean food she won't even eat.
I am serious, if you are losing your job, you might want to start doing the math. That white bread and bologna may be hurting your, it's not even close:

Loaf White Bread
Calories 1920 (16 slices at 120 calories)
1208 calories per dollar


White Rice
Calories 4800 (30 servings at 160 calories)
2682 calories per dollar


$5.99 for a 3 lb bag
1 ounce has 46 calories, 1g fat and 9g protein
368 calories per dollar with 72g protein


$4/lb (lunch meat is never cheap)
1 ounce has 76 calories, 6g fat, 2g carbs and 3g protein
304 calories per dollar and 12g protein


Chicken and White rice provide more calories, carbs and protein.

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