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Commander came in with a great response. As I said, calories in vs calories out is an easy, base level place to start. It shows you around where you should be. Setting up proper macros and hitting them every day should set you up to eat "healthy" as well. Yes you can lose weight eating 1,000 calories from Snickers a day. But you aren't meeting your macros. You certainly aren't hitting your needed protein intake. People try to look at the extremes to disprove what we are saying, but how many people do you know who are putting forth effort into losing weight and are getting all their calories from Snickers? None. Most of us average people eat average food. Meats, dairy, grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and even some treats every once in awhile.

What I have noticed in people who try to make extreme changes is that they do not last and rebound back to the same weight or higher. I have friends who tried to go from eating fast food and sodas to completely strict. Only water, chicken breast, vegetables, brown rice, etc. They make it a month or two and then quit, it's too much of a change too fast. Slowly make small changes and let them become habit before you make new changes.

How much does a banana cost, 30 cents? If you aren't eating 1 banana every day, then replace some chocolate/candy treat with 1 banana for the next month. You probably just decreased your calories slightly and saved yourself money.

How much does a gallon of milk cost, $4-$5? You just got about 128 g of protein, some quality fats and other nutrients for cheap.

There are many other examples that can be made but just start with a couple and go from there.
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