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Thanks commander. I'm not looking to bodybuild. My goal right now is just to drop weight and get healthier. I have a lot of physical ailments because of my weight gain. I do not have what it takes, nor have the drive anymore to even consider myself to bodybuild. I at one point, considered doing so and dropped 100 lbs 5 or 6 years ago using this site. You all know what you are talking about, always have. Plus, everyone else doesn't even train legs...all they focus on is arms and chest. Yes eating clean maybe cheaper, but you have to buy a lot more to meet caloric requirements. I can buy a loaf of bread, baloney and cheese, with regular mayo and make a 400 calorie sandwhich for the whole week for around 3-4$. Although, nutritionally its garbage. I'm losing my job by the end of this week and my wife doesn't like the idea of buying all this clean food she won't even eat.

only supplements I have are ON whey protein, chromium, magnesium. I can barely do cardio but will be starting the 13 weeks to fat burning this coming monday. I am very motivated to lose more weight again. I don't know if being on a cutting diet for 5-6 months will be bad though lol. I need to drop around 50 lbs
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