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Originally Posted by weightbanger View Post
Thanks, I would rather increase my workload. So if my cutting calories was at 2300, I would lose the same amount whether I ate oats, chicken breast, tuna or if I ate chocolate bars, soda, greasy burgers? as long as they are both 2300?
In the short term the answer is "yes". However, long term dieting with lots of saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, white flour, excessive sodium, etc. has documented negative effects on health.

It's about moderation, enjoy some junk food every now and then, fit it into your macros and go back to clean eating. Don't live on junk.

Originally Posted by weightbanger View Post
What about insulin response? That has nothing to do with weight loss? its just a simple calories in vs calories out?
Yes, it does. How serious you get with diet depends on your goals and level of discipline. If you want to really get lean and look like a bodybuilder, than it is best to choose healthier options the majority of the time while still allowing the occasionaly higher carb/fat food that fits your macros.

Originally Posted by weightbanger View Post
What's the point in buying expensive "clean" food then lol
I have never understood this argument.

"Clean" food is cheap.

I buy frozen chicken breasts, canned tuna, ground beef, whey protein (in bulk), rice and potatoes.

The "unclean" foods, like burger patties, prepacked/processed dinners, fried chicken at the deli, all cost more money per unit (pound, ounces, etc) than the "clean" foods.

Start adding up how many grams of protein and carbs you get for a meal of chicken and rice and compare it to a fried chicken sandwich on a bun. For equal money, you will get more protein and carbs from the plain chicken and rice meal.

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