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Originally Posted by rickck48 View Post
You guys are amazing. Thank you for your thoughts for others. Man you don't see this enough in America. God Bless. RTR!

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Sounds exciting, especially setting up your own gym, let me know how that goes as I would love to do that one day.
Yea, I will. The owners are still fixing up the place a bit but we should be putting in our rubber flooring this weekend. Already purchased some equipment and it's on the way.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
nice job man!! how do you feel walking around @ 205? is it natural..or do you need to "work" at it? Reason I ask, if I want to keep weight..I need to eat TONS just to stay at 205, otherwise I think 198ish is where my body wants to be
It is easier than expected. Prior to my meet I was walking around 210-213 so I did a water load/cut to get down to the 205 weight limit. I overshot it and ended at 199 for weigh ins and then pounded every thing after to get back up. I figured once I was back to my normal water and food intake after the meet, I'd be back to that 210-213. But it looks like my body has settled in at 204-206 instead. But I'm slowly trying to up my calories and gain some muscle back up to that 210 area.
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